Reciprocal Visit was an experimental workshop project made up of photographs, videos, writings, interactions, and talks by participants from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds.


Personal exhibition of Salome Machaidze - Kontrollpaket von Darwins Anwalt auf dem Jungsten Gericht & a group exhibition of Georgian Artists in Leipzig.



During three weeks a group of Georgian, Dutch, Turkish and Armenian artists created platform for exchange of information, brainstorm sessions, group and individual projects and research on and around the theme of contemporary art archive.


"At the end of 2006 I visited Tbilisi in order to start preparations for a publication about Arts and Culture in Tbilisi, in collaboration with GeoAIR..." 


Responding to the call of new Georgian President Saakashvilli, ERforS and Expodium organized a site specific project. This call was for Georgians, who have studied and worked abroad, to return to Georgia and help to rebuild the country.


The theme of the project, foreigner, was with a broad understanding of the word. It can mean physical person coming from another country, somebody you don’t understand anything about or allude to the position of art and artist in the society. This one word, foreigner, can also have a very different perception to it...