How to support GeoAIR?

‘Friends of GeoAIR’ is welcoming various people and organisations to contribute financially to GeoAIR. By supporting us you are contributing to the development of international activities within contemporary art scene of Georgia.

How does that work?

Fair question. The friends’ fund is designated to cover GeoAIR organizational expenses. It is managed by GeoAIR team. You can choose to donate money one time or support our activities on yearly basis.

And why is that important?

Funding of cultural organizations is very(!) scarce in Georgia. We are not commercial entity. The support of our basic expenses creates the possibility for us to operate, seek for further partnerships and implement bigger projects in and about Georgia - including, but not limited to: collaborative cultural projects, bringing international residents to Georgia, supporting artists’ mobility from Georgia, maintaining and enlarging contemporary art archive and implementing public discussions on crucial socio-cultural topics.

And what do you get for your support?

Firstly, you contribute to the good cause through socially-engaged artistic and educational activities in Georgia. We will acknowledge your support on our web site and in our annual publication. Also, as we are a team of creative crazy people, we promise some surprise presents.   

Decided to contribute?

For our bank details please contact us: and we will guide you further.

Thank you!