Contemporary art is a dynamic process which always questions the existing, including the essence of art itself.

It is especially important within the changing socio-political context of Georgia, that contemporary art is beyond the sole borders of aesthetic pleasure and it is actively involved in critically perceiving and rethinking the environment.

GeoAIR organises and supports international exchange projects bringing together artists and curators from different cultural backgrounds and finding relevant contexts for them to work in. GeoAIR has three main interconnected directions: collaborative cultural projects, self-directed residency program and Archidrome – Contemporary Art Archive. GeoAIR team has been intensively working on developing contemporary art activities dealing with urgent issues. GeoAIR constantly develops their activities to be more research-based, inclusive and engaged in the specificity of given environment. A fundamental part of GeoAIR programs is the interaction with the public. In their interdisciplinary curatorial projects priority is given to socially engaged projects in which through close collaboration of local artists, audiences and communities they share experiences and ideas.