GeoAIR opened its residency program in January 2010. This is a self-directed residency program, that offers artists, curators, researchers and cultural managers the opportunity to base themselves in Tbilisi, Georgia and use this location as a starting point to build networks, meet artists, cultural institutions and curators from the Caucasus region, and develop and deepen their knowledge and research of the Caucasus context. In return local professionals will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience with international residents of GeoAIR. Our residency profile is concentrated on the theme of urban space and social engagement of art. We accept artists/curators/researchers and/or professionals from other fields, interested and working in conceptual visual art.

Residency duration is between 1 and 3 months.

GeoAIR does not provide any financial support, however, in case of selection can provide the invitation letter and other information needed for project funding applications. 

GeoAIR residency fee (housing, hosting, assistance) is around 1500 Euro per month, travel and daily expenses are also covered by residents themselves. Production fee depends on the type of residency project. Estimate of the costs can be consulted with GeoAIR stuff after the approval of their residency project.

Application for GeoAIR Residency Program, must be made by submitting the completed application form together with CV and portfolio (all in PDF) to our e-mail: