Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Andrea Kalinová (visual artist) and Martin Zaiček (architect) collaborate from 2011 as initiative Abandoned (re)creation.

Their work deals with the issue of derelict, abandoned or endangered architecture of the 20th century (in particular with modernism of recreation object as spa, hotels, swimming pools and etc.) and its possible preservation by means of artistic interventions and alternative forms of protesting. They are trying to find an answer to the question whether art and art activism can achieve any change in this respect.

The aim of Abandoned (re)creation is to draw, revive and activate attention and interest of local residents as well as visitors to “abandoned” architecture by means of artistic interventions or projects situated directly in town. Using a language of contemporary art the project tries to reflect an alarming state of the local monuments of modern architecture. Furthermore it tries to contribute to their preservation for the next generations as well as connect art with activism.

This project started in Slovakia, in Trenčianske Teplice, a spa town with a rich appearance of abandoned modernist buildings from Czech architects: Bohuslav Fuchs and Jaromír Krejcar. Abandoned (re)creation will gradually spread into other spa towns, to research and map the condition and value of existing modernist architecture relics.

Andrea and Martin spent two months (January and February 2015) at GeoAIR residency and implemented research, as well as hosted several presentations and worked on the project Lokokino - Monument for Mziuri Memory, in the abandoned children's cinema Lokokino at Mziuri park.

The residency was possible through the collaboration and support of K.A.I.R. - Košice Artist in Residence program. The residency was additionally supported by ECF STEP Beyond.

About K.A.I.R.

In the frame of European Capital of Culture the NGO Košice 2013 is running an international Artist-in-Residence-program for the artists from all over the world and out of all artistic disciplines and expressions. We give our residents the possibility to become a cultural pioneer and work in the inspire environment of Košice`s singular cultural surrounding to realize art projects, collaborate with the agile local art scene and present themselves to the local and national public.

We pursuit three main goals within the residency program:

- Support the creative energy of every invited artist and give her/him the chance to work in a new environment and to find (new) artistic ways of expression
- Stimulate the art scene in Košice, in the region and in whole Slovakia. Support the dialogue as well as the confrontation of the residency artists with local artists and the wide public.
- Create/strengthen a beneficial environment for the development of innovative and international contemporary art projects with international and local participants.