Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Ceren Oykut was born in Istanbul in 1978. Graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Painting Department in 2002. Her drawings, which often cover small scraps of paper as well as paper rolls, extend classical techniques in terms of size and space. Focusing on small details, Oykut conveys a condensed image of an ungraspable panorama that explores the absurdity of daily life and circumstances. She also focuses on different disciplines of art, expanding the action of drawing with light and shadow. She makes drawing performances on stage and collaborates with artists from different disciplines. She has participated in projects in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Cyprus, Poland, Austria, Palestine, Egypt and Serbia. She lives and works in Berlin.

Oykut stayed at the GeoAIR residency during 19-31 October 2018 to develop a site-specific installation for the first Tbilisi Architecture Biennial. Topography Man is her experiment aimed at bringing together site-specific installation and animation. The tendency of Topography Man is to produce subconscious stories about "home". Oykut’s themes are often the relation between architecture and the human body, and how these two come together in the built environment.

For the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, Oykut has made drawings directly on the glass windows in the exhibition space. These drawings were her observations of Tbilisi and its inhabitants. As a second step, she photographed these images and animated them. The animation is projected on the same glass windows, where the drawings are.

In collaboration with Tbilisi Architecture Biennial.