Sunday, May 4, 2014

Confluences Resonants  공명의 합류 حشود تتجاوب

on facebook:  Confluences Resonants 공명의 합류 حشود تتجاوب
First meeting  6th of May, 2014 at 13pm Alexandria, Marseille, Berlin, Milan, Barcelone, Brussels, Island of Syros, Ciboure, 12pm Casablanca, Tetouan, Marrakech, Mohammedia, Beni-Mellal, 14pm Istanbul, 15pm Tbilisi, 20pm Seoul, 19pm Shangai, 18pm Ho Chi Minh, 6am Minneapolis, 23pm New Zealand, 7am New york …

Confluences Resonants  공명의 합류 حشود تتجاوب is a project initiated by Geraldine Paoli. Project culturally meshes artists, scientists, chorographers, designers, hydrologists, programming artists, philosophers, photographers, musicians, researchers, educators, writers, videographers, surveyors and others from various countries. As the cultural designer, curator and director she strived to deterritorialize to cross disciplines and create shapes suitable for dating, sharing, and movement of creation called “meshes confluences.”