Monday, March 24, 2014
"Laguna Vere" and forgotten architecture "Monuments" of Soviet Modernism.
Discussion by GeoAIR and Docomomo Georgia 
24.03.2014 / Club Frontline Georgia
During recent period we have been systematically witnessing functional and aesthetical impoverishment of city of Tbilisi. Hence, losing uniquely preserved city’s recreational spots and significant architectural buildings/constructions dating from the Soviet era. One of the symbols of Soviet Georgian modernist architecture, the Swimming complex "Laguna Vere" might be facing the same threat by becoming a victim of the tendency.
Last couples of weeks via social networks and media various reportages where dedicated to possible reconstruction and/or sale of “Laguna Vere”. Although, public administration and responsible bodies extensively deny above-mentioned fact of possible sales of the complex ( Therefore, the future of the building remains dilemma and unclear to general public.
"Laguna Vere" swimming complex construction was completed in 1978 (Arch : Sh. Qavlashvili , R. Kinadze, / Inj : R. Gudushauri / Mosaic Design: K. Ignatov). This complex is one of the outstanding examples of Soviet Modernist architecture and one of the last sporting facilities in the city center, which was still in operation.
Discussion aimed to stress the importance of this building for the city and its residents, while underlining its architectural and artistic value.
Discussion participants: 
Levan Asabashvili (Architect, Docomomo Georgia member)
Nano Zazanashvili (Architect, Docomomo Georgia member)
Oleksandr Burlaka (Architect, artist)
Ketusia Ignatova (Daughter of Mosaic Author)
Ruben Arevshatyan (Artist, art critic and independent curator, AM)
Georg Schöllhammer (Curator, AU)
Discussion was realised in the frame of the EU project SPACES.
This project was funded by the European Union through the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.