Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Freedom. Sexy. Young art from Estonia with Hannes Aasamets, Henri Hütt, Mihkel Ilus, Mihkel Maripuu (Video, Performance, Paintings).
Tbilisi State Academy of Art Big Exhibition Hall
Tbilisi State Academy of Art, "Archidrome" - contemporary art archive and Group Bouillon presented contemporary Estonian art.
Mihkel Illus, who also served as organizer from the Estonian side, presented five large-scale expressionist abstract paintings. Mihkel Maripuu’s installations featured butterflies made with pins and small coloured plates on foam plastic. The images react to people’s movement creating an amazing colour play. Henri Hütt’s huge wooden box with mobile sound and image installation caught everybody’s attention. Video works presented thematically arranged problems faced by a young generation of Estonians that were equally relevant to the Georgian reality. The performance was developed by four artists within three days. Modified and enriched from one presentation to another, the theme of conflict among individuals, religions, etc achieved its highest point during the last day performance, when performers started beating each other.
Project was supported by the Estonian Embassy in Tbilisi.