Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Hamdy Reda is a contemporary Egyptian visual artist and a curator. He lives and works in one of the outskirts of Cairo. Hamdy Reda’s background as a painter, as well as his experiments with photography forms a very solid artistic foundation for his artwork. Hamdy Reda's work has been exhibited at many venues inside Egypt, as well as around the world, and he is a recipient of various artistic awards and recognitions. He is also interested in the North-South artistic dialogues. This is reflected in his residencies and exhibitions in Europe and also in his joint exhibitions with European and local artists. Hamdy Reda hopes to expand his artistic dialogues to include more collaboration with visual artists, but also writers, poets, filmmakers, and philosophers. Hamdy Reda’s feelings as an alienated artist in the Cairo elitist artistic community, made him establish artellewa as his artistic refuge. Artellewa is an independently run small art space that provides artistic services to the residents of Ard El-Lewa, which is the local neighbourhood.
In 2008, Hossam Elouan received his M.A. degree in Cinema Studies from San Francisco State University, and received a post graduate diploma in International coproduction from EAVE — European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs in 2011, and a post production training at EP2C Workshop in 2012.
Hossam Elouan founded his company Transit Films in 2013. Among his productions are (HAWI) 2010 - Hubert Bals Fund postproduction grant, and Best Arab Film at Doha Tribeca Film Festival, (Dry Hot Summers) - Robert Bosch Foundation Prize at Berlin International Film Festival (2014). Among Hossam's projects for development/pre-productions are films by visual artists and filmmakers such as Sherif Elbendary, Khaled Hafez, Hala Elkoussy and Ammar Al-Beik. Hossam Elouan is also recognized as a film educator. He taught film history and theory at the American University in Cairo (2008-2014), Middle Eastern Cinema at Mount St. Mary's University (2006). He was a visitor scholar at UCLA (2003), and UC Davis (2004). In 2003, 2004 and2005 he was also appointed as a Fulbright Fellow.