Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Kristina Semenova and Olga Vostretsova are curators based in Leipzig, Germany. Both are the participants of postgraduate MA Curatorial Studies at Academy of Visual Arts.
Olga Vostretsova worked at GfZk- Gallery for Contemporary Art with the grant for young curators from Eastern Europe. She curated Drawing protest (GfZk), RESPECT. International Comics (Festival KomMissia, Moscow), The Subjective Object – (Re) Appropriating Anthropological Images (GRASSI, Leipzig).
Since 2012 Kristina Semenova is a program coordinator and a curator of the artist’s residency LIA - Leipzig International Art Programme located in Spinnerei. She curated Returning to Sender (HKW, Berlin), Revisiting the Space (VCCA-Voronezh Center for Contemporary Art, Russia), Figure Outing (Castle Machern). Together they curated 2013 Space LAB - artist residency and exhibition dealing with historical space of Spinnerei. 
After this collaboration they have founded an art space in Leipzig called Бükü  - Office for cultural translations, which they run together. Бükü is an interdisciplinary platform focusing on the contemporary artists’ positions and debate from post-Soviet area with all its influences, differences and interdependency. It is a place for production and presentation of contemporary art, as well as contemporary theory and polemics which are implemented by discursive events, artist residencies and curated exhibitions.
The purpose of  Kristina and Olga's visit in Georgia was to research the local art scene and to make plans for their future collaborations.