Friday, January 14, 2011
Artist talk
14.01.2011 / Open Society Georgia Foundation

The Georgian artist Lado Darakhvelidze (1977 Kutaisi, Georgia) deals in his work with social and political changes and represents these in personal narratives. In his previous work, he reflected the ‘transitions’ and re-placements of national symbols in post-communist countries in a subtle and poetic way, which expands the political and opens it to mythology, history and storytelling. Darakhvelidze’s work was in the Istanbul Biennial ’What keeps mankind alive’ 2009, and Biennale Cuvee, Linz, 2010. 

Lately Darakhvelidze has been working on the project Museum TV Station. The term ‘Museum TV Station’ (MTVS) refers to art activities in museums, biennials and related art events in which the artwork and curatorial events evoke actual political and engaged positions. Museum TV Station explores the museum as overlapping and entangled media, politics and histories. In these cultural events, the visitor has access to information that is usually not disclosed in mass media. In the case of the Museum TV Station, both the artist and curator transform the museum or biennial into what might be termed an open source information station.

By realizing Museum TV Station in different cultural settings it is an alternative to conventional information stations. 
The idea of Museum TV Station started as a publication featuring works by contemporary artists who could be considered as artist-journalist. 

MTVS then made its first appearance as an installation at the Berlin Kreuzberg Biennale (June-August 2010), was featured in at the ‘State of ArtEZ‘ at the Schouwburg Arnhem (November 2010) and at PS2 Squared in Belfast in December 2010.