Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Marius Land (Witten, Germany, 1989) lives and works between Berlin and Leipzig. He studied graphic design and photography at the University of applied Sciences in Potsdam under Prof. Wiebke Loeper. In 2013 he started to assist the photographer Tobias Zielony. In 2014 he continued his masters degree at the HGB Leipzig in the class for photography led by Prof. Tina Bara. In addition he works as a freelance graphic designer and a photographer.

After a trip around the world in 2011 he self-published his first artist book "T R E I B E N" in 2013, which won the German youth photography price in 2014. For his bachelor degree he worked in the Ruhr-area in Germany on creating a visual inventory on the state of art in this area. The final work "Ruhrgebiet 1" was part of several exhibitions, where the aim was to make the visitors participate by means of talks and discussions.

In his documentary approach Marius Land always tries to leave enough space for the visitors to create their own image of a place. He combines documentary pictures, symbolic fragments and surfaces searching for the aesthetic or essence of a place. His work is committed to the here and now.

As a part of this practice, he creates zines, called "Arbeitshefte". Those aim to find out about a contemporary aesthetic of the world surrounding us and serve therefore as a personal memory in progress. He is believing that photography has the purpose to step to the borders of the visible and extend them.

Moritz Freudenberg (Dresden, 1987) lives and works in Berlin. In 2007/2008 he studied two semesters photography under masterclass student Ben Rinner at the Evening Academy - Leipzig Academy of the Visual Arts. Right now he is finishing studies in graphic design and photography at the University of applied Sciences in Potsdam under Prof. Wiebke Loeper.

He works in the range between commissioned and artistic photography and also as a graphic designer and videographer in the field of music, editorial and fashion. In his work he is particularly interested in the combination of different visual disciplines, and digital modification.

His first book "PALMA" was self-published in 2014, a fragmentary description of his personal life.
Parts of the works were made on a trip to Georgia in 2012.

In 2011 he led a photography Workshop at Goethe Institut Rabat, Morocco. The workshop was dedicated to young German learning Moroccans, describing their own personal environment and situation.


assembling fragments – workshop by Marius Land and Moritz Freudenberg, in collaboration with GeoAIR

In the workshop "assembling fragments" participants examined several significant places in Tbilisi by collecting photographic images and found material. Therefore they concentrated on a fragmentary documentation. Textures, patterns, shapes and cityscapes merged to form an abstract collection of images that manifested in a small zine, investigating present Tbilisi. Contributions by: Tamara Bokuchava, Maroussia Ferry, Moritz Freudenberg, Qeta Gvinepadze, Lika Jalagania, Ana Jikia, Gvantsa Jishkariani, Marius Land, Lado Lomitashvili, Tika Nadareishvili.

The result of their recidency and workshop is the project DIDI

The residency was supported by ECF STEP Beyond and DAAD.