Friday, November 5, 2010
During their reisdency Nicolas Perret & Cédric Anglaret worked on their project Soundscapes of Svanetia (a temporary title).
The project is about the soundscape and the sound memory of Svanetia, a remote region of northern Georgia. As an echo to the silent 1930's documentary "Jim Shvante" (Salt for Svanetia), our work will interrogate the soundscape of the region, 80 years after the movie. It will be done in two parts: the first part is a collection of sounds, a sound herbarium, from nature to human activity that documents the soundscape of nowadays Svanetia. The second part is a series of sound pieces in between documentary and sound art composed using the material of the collection and made in collaboration with local sound artists and musicians. These sound pieces will lead to a CD release, a series of concerts and various radio broadcasts with local and international partners.
Project was supported by: the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) in collaboration with the Open Society Institute (OSI) through the STEP beyond Travel grants.