Sunday, March 29, 2020

The exhibition Permanent Recreation does not only refer to current physical situation of the architectural heritage, but rethinks it within its social, political and economic context. Paula Ďurinova's video is capturing nostalgia for the long left Abkhazian home. In the following two rooms topics of architecture and its transformation, diy design, collective and individual memory blend. Large-scale photographs by Andrea Kalinová document spatial and material transformation of the former Georgian spa sanatorium's architecture into permanent residences. Martin Zaiček's research elaborates the disintegration of modernist architectural utopias on the backdrop of socio-political changes. Tables with collected materials then serve as architectural archives and archives of collective memory and collective recreation.

Authors: Andrea Kalinová, Martin Zaiček / Abandoned (re)creation
Guest: Paula Ďurinová
Architectural research support: Nano Zazanashvili
Curator: Zuzana Jakalová

Production: Ana Gabelaia


Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.