Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Selda Asal is an artist, born in Izmir. She studied Musicology and Art. Initiator of the “Apartment Project” in Istanbul. Currently living in Istanbul.
Since 2006, Selda Asal has been producing projects consisting of video films, sound installations and music videos by working with teenagers in Turkey, Germany, Denmark , France, Sweden, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia etc... The videos have different titles, but conceptually they all focus on dreams and struggles. The artist creates workshop spaces in order to collaborate with youngsters on texts focusing on dreams and struggles and then prepares a new collage text from parts of what they have written. This collage text forms the lyrics of the video works. The music in the videos is produced in collaboration with different musicians each time and the final work is filmed by the artist.

In Tbilisi, she has been invited by GeoAIR residency for one month, during April 2010. Here she worked on the project Utterances, in which she focused on Tbilisi’s young people from different backgrounds. Through workshops her digital film is shaped by these young people according the stories they tell, their wills and circumstances. In Tbilisi Selda Asal worked with the sound designer Cem Akkan.