Friday, December 27, 2013

Women’s Fund in Georgia and GeoAIR, in collaboration with Georgian artists implemented the project "Unlimited Abilities." The aim of the project was to organize a charity exhibition-sale. Funds collected during the event were aimed to be utilized for the professional education and employment of women with disabilities.

20.12.2013 18:00-21:00
Expo Georgia, 3rd pavilion, 118 Tsereteli ave.

Artworks can be seen and bought online:

Unlimited Abilities

“There was a girl in the wheelchair who made my hair, makeup and made me look pretty… You cannot see anything similar in here and it is very sad. Everyone should have their own source of income” – says Marina who uses the wheelchair. However, this fact and the challenges that non-adapted reality causes for her, did not prevent Marina to be successful mother, wife and the citizen, who constantly has the will to work, extend her network, get and share new experience.

In conversation with us, women with disabilities, often say that due to stigma and discrimination they feel isolated from the society and remain invisible. Despite this, of course they have dreams, aspirations, wills and ideas of becoming successful.

“The more you study in life, more chances you have to achieve something and do your own, your favorite thing. Also, the learning process will be very interesting, as I will have places to go to, I will get new experience, I will be able to get new profession and think about my new job. This will be my source of income, which of course is very pleasing” – so believes Juna, another participant of the project.

Women’s Fund in Georgia and GeoAIR would like to thank everyone who found time and energy to participate in the project and make their own story as an example of a successful one.

We would also like to thank the supporters of the project and all the artists who generously contributed their works to the project.

participating artists:

Akhalkatsishvili Tato, Akimidze Luka, Asatiani Marika, Bagdavadze Tsisana, Bagrationi Nato, Batatunashvili Inga, Batiashvili Maka, Bakhtadze Ia, Botchorishvili Tamar, Chilashvili Nino, Chubinishvili Nino (Chubika), Darchiashvili Tatia, Dolidze Andria, Gallery Container (Guram Tsibakhashvili, Ira Kurmaeva, Tinatin Kiguradze), Goguadze Anna, Grigalashvili Natela, Iremashvili Rocko, Japharidze Mamuka, Jincharadze Kote, Kacharava Karlo, Kakabadze Konstantin, Kakabadze Kristine, Khaniashvili Gabriel, Khmiadashvili Tamar, Kiladze Tutu, Kukhalashvili David, Kutateladze Karaman, Laperadze Luiza, Lapiashvili Sophia, Machaidze Salome, Maskharashvili Giorgi, Mechitov Yuri, Mindadze Konstantine, Mindiashvili Levan, Nяnю, Okrostsvaridze Manuchar, Pochkhua Lado, Rigvava Salome, Rukhadze Giorgi, Sekhniashvili Nino, Shvelidze Murtaz, Sitchinava Mariam, Sulaberidze Kote, Sumbadze Maya, Tabatadze Sophia

Special thanks to: Nata Sopromadze, Maka Kukulava, Elene Sulaberidze and Lika Kacharava.

The evening was accompanied by Reso Kiknadze.

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Embassy of the United States Georgia
Expo Georgia
Chateau Mukhrani
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