Thursday, December 16, 2010
Belgian artist Walt Van Beek (born 1981 in Antwerp) studied Interior Design before starting WoutWalt, a design studio in the centre of Brussels. WoutWalt is a Brussels-based creative duo (Walt Van Beek and Wouter De Raeve). WoutWalt’s early work mainly focused on WoutWalt projects, soon followed by work for cultural clients (Bozar, Zinneke, VICE…). WoutWalt does visual work, gives lectures, makes cookies, installations... Early 2009 Walt Van Beek founded WaiWai Space, an independent art space in the centre of Brussels with the intention to show his own work, works by other artists and to collaborate with other venues. Its contribution to the Brussels art scene has been significant up to date.
In his recent work: Gläser (work/project in progress), Walt Van Beek questions the transitoriness of an object and tries to transform that into a transitoriness of thought. Gläserbol arises from an intimate relation and a personal attraction; and is the love for a banned and lost object. It is an attempt to crystallize time by reversing the process, from stable to fluid in different circumstances which would then in principle evoke endless transparencies. 
First step was shown at Zennestraat 17, February/March 2010, Brussels (BE)
The work was continued at Verbeke Foundation, where Walt Van Beek was working as a resident artist from April until May 2010.
Walt Van Beek lives and works in Brussels.
Artists Talk: Walt Van Beek / Inge Vandensande
24.12.2010 / Tbilisi Studio
Inge Vandensande - Graphic designer, lives and works in Brussels. Runs the project M’ATUVU, a place for cool events, exposition, concert or whatever in funky shop window in Brussels city center.