Saturday, June 27, 2015
Albert Allgaier was born in 1983 in Bregenz (Austria). He is the PhD candidate in Japanese studies at the University of Vienna, co-curator of the Bregenz Biennale, co-founder of the artist collective gruppe uno wien.
For Albert, art is a way to share the individual enthusiam for all the different topics one's life is concerned with. Travelling to different places, like doing a residency, provides him an opportunity to find new ways of communicating these passions and adapt them to new enviroments - like life itself needs to be adjusted frequently.
In tbilisi he aimed to continue his ongoing project, " i ♥ thomas hirschhorn", share his fascination for a really obscure japanese movie, re-learn gymnopedie no2 on the guitar for the millionth time, and go for long walks everyday.
His dream project is to run a doner kebap place in Istanbul.
29.07.2015 - 19:00
Campus Studio (Shota Milorava str 8, 0143 Tbilisi, Georgia)
cinema shiró is a international film festival dedicated to a single movie. Almost fifteen years ago, I recorded a movie late at night out of sheer curiosity, the TV-guide simply said experimental and Japanese, no brainer, press record, because sometimes you just have to follow your instincts to discover something amazing. And it was before the time when everything was available to download or stream, so you had to work on your personal archive anyway. Ever since this magic night, I carry this movie with me wherever I go and take every opportunity to screen it. Every time I watch it, it gets more mysterious, more fascinating, more intriguing. During the almost 80 screenings I did in the last years I never met a person who was not impressed by this movie.