Monday, October 12, 2009
Opening @ Caucasian House in Georgia
From 80’s as in every post soviet country in Georgia also had begun the process of the deconstruction of the established mentality and its replacement with the totally vague and indistinct ‘capitalism’… Simultaneously to this process aroused the war for the national and geographical entirety and though there are no winners in this battle, it still continues until today… In Georgia, as in other countries of the region Caucasus, we still fight to defend our own geographical borders, they seems to become such a luxury for us… The origins of all the problems and misfortunes of this region are still hidden in the political and mental borders of its society… Caucasus, the crossroad of “east” and “west”, more often appears not as a conductor but merely as a border between different and sometimes even opposed civilizations… The idea of the project Border was born around two years ago. In the beginning of 2008 I started working on it together with the artist Levan Mindiashvili. We already had selected around twenty national and international artists and everything was almost ready when the Russian-Georgian war has begun. The “real” struggle for the “real” borders has changed the importance and the initial essence of the project. Some selected works lost adequateness to the reality, the demand of the meaning of Border became more concrete, more precise. In such circumstances art easily transforms into the banal documentary. The project Border still goes on. I am glad that in the parallel to Artisterium we can expose some artworks produced in 2009. Border _ chapterI is a first part of the project representing a very intereseting collaboration between artists from Georgia and Argentina.