Monday, November 3, 2014
The project addressed the issue of migrants’ lives and integration challenges in Tbilisi. These are people who have come here within the past decade and decided to live in Tbilisi permanently or temporarily. However, cultural exchange and communication within “hosts” and “newcomers” about each others’ culture is very limited, hence, some stereotypes might prevail.

We took migrants’ households and foodways as theme for socially engaged artistic works. Their personal stories and private space was transformed by interventions in public spaces. During these events food of different cultures were prepared and tasted, while various aspects of migration were discussed. Overall, the project also addressed the topic of public space as transformed to the arena where open alternative activities took place, while addressing important socio-cultural issues that surround us.  

Also, 3 international artists/researchers were invited at GeoAIR residency to work within the project and implement additional socially-engaged art projects around the interconnected theme of public space, migration and foodways.

Accompanying publications were created in collaboration with young professionals from social sciences and art. Publications consisted of stories and visual material obtained during the fieldwork with migrants living in Tbilisi. Students from CES (Creative Education Studio) under the supervision of Lado Kobakhidze were working on publication design and layout.
“Cooking Imaginations: Tbilisi Migrant Stories” project was created and presented by GeoAIR with the financial support of the Prince Claus Fund.
Project was realized by Nini Palavandishvili and Data Chigholashvili in collaboration with Tamara Bokuchava (Social Photography Caucasus Foundation). 
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