Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Eva Khachatryan was born in 1977 in Yerevan, Armenia, where she lives and works. She an independent curator and a member of AICA Armenia. Between 2003-2008 she was working as a curator at the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art (ACCEA) and between 2006-2008 she was holding the position of co-director of Department of Fine Arts at the ACCEA. At the moment she is realizing her projects at the Suburb Cultural Center. She is the co-founder of the new web site, which is updated per month and focused on representation of contemporary art situation in Armenia. Her recent curatorial work has been mostly on women's issues and new media in contemporary art. 
Presentation: Representation of Contemporary Art in Armenia
31.05.10 / Goethe-Institut
During the talk Eva Khachatryan explored the representation of Contemporary art in Armenia through institutional environment. She described activities of some of the organizations and individuals, cultural operators, which played important role in formation of contemporary art scene. During presentation were shown some works of artists based in Armenia.