Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Geraldine Paoli - intermedia artist, curator, interdisplinary teacher. Lives and works in Marseille (France) and Casablanca (Morocco).
Geraldine Paoli studied the specific territories of populations within universities, schools and institutions.
Her anthropological studies concentrated on the historical development of recent decades on people, their environment, relationships and oppositions. She is interested in valorization and questioning of social, economic, cultural values in common identity and heritage. Geraldine Paoli has researched the contemporary quest for human identity that is confronted with specific territorial and historical experiences and how that effected those populations, their histories and cultural identities.
In 2001 Geraldine Paoli created the project “Palimpseste”, which culturally meshes artists, scientists, choreographers, designers, hydrologists, programming artists, philosophers, photographers, musicians, researchers, educators, writers, videographers, surveyors and others from various countries. As the cultural designer, curator and director she strived to deterritorialize to cross disciplines and create shapes suitable for dating, sharing, and movement of creation called “meshes confluences”.
While her stay at GeoAIR residency Geraldine Paoli was working together with Nini Palavandishvili on conceptualisation and collaboration for upcoming project: CONFLUENCES RESONANTS. THE CROSSING OF THE WORLDS: CREATIONS IN ECHO
Let us imagine a craftsman responsible for tensioning a WIRE between these worlds, and having to insert a web and a pattern: he will mesh those worlds creating synergy and dynamic between them.
In acoustics we shall speak of resonances, in kinetic a loop, in physics as in fluid dynamics, we shall retain confluences.
But in the common language we shall talk about networking, collaboration and shared space.
• It is the vocation of Palimpseste to arouse such reactions. In terms of connectivity Palimpseste is a knot more than an interface: the meeting accompanied by the exchange of work.
• Palimpseste is the workshop of crossed knowledge…
• At the confluence there is a creation – neither collective work, neither melting pot – but fruit of mesh traditions and know-how, and this creation is strong by sharing
• Far of happenings-performance, the work produced must both grow from common labor and open to a wide audience: a composite nature, it is not eclectic but shared.
• These echo creations illustrate our universe constituted of isolates related which does merge not in a global culture wave but in orderly shapes familiar to all: perhaps this is globalisation.
• As the digital forums require moderators, Palimpsest, rich by its experience of living together, seeks to capture these forces and facilitate confluences.
• How? By sharing questions and testing by continuous friction – techniques.
• Thus, by starting with the questions of the public space, can we confront artists in a challenge they face every moment: What to show, how and where?
The residency was supported by French Institute of Georgia.