Saturday, April 28, 2012
Hans Rosenström (born 1978 in Lohja Finland), is an installation artist who works between Stockholm (Sweden) and Helsinki (Finland). Rosenström holds an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. He works with site-specific projects using both time and space as points of origin in his artistic practice. 
“Hans Rosenström constructs narratives into spatial experiences in public, social and private domains. Rosenström challenges the definitions of the everyday spaces. He defines his work both site- and situation-specific. He states the impossibility to separate a work of art, or any object, event, encounter, from the contextual moment. The point of origin is the surrounding moment. 
For him working in public space always starts with finding something identifiable and specific for a location. He pays attention to social structures in order to shed light upon the site from a different viewpoint that for example a local passer-by is used to in experiencing. With this Rosenström is looking for ways on intervening and even confusing everyday perception. However, his aim is not to lay down the rules of his work but rather to set the stage for alternatives and questions. He aspires for accidental and unexpected insights.” (HANS ROSENSTRÖM: THE SURROUNDING MOMENT by Aura Seikkula)
Residency stay was supported by Svenska kulturfonden