Friday, November 16, 2012
Interim Days: Tbilisi
Symposium and Exhibition, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. 
Could the political or social environment we operate within and the challenges we encounter lead to new ways to produce and exhibit art? The symposium and exhibition project Interim Days: Tbilisi was created with the intention of acting as a networking platform for artists and cultural producers from different social and cultural contexts. The main goal was to find opportunities to develop international collaborations and to establish new initiatives that involve transnational cooperation, including eastern European countries. The point of departure was the perspective of the participants, where the experience of being an artist became predominant and told wider stories, about society and the possibilities for art to exist in different contexts. 
The participants came from Sweden, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and the Ukraine, but there were also participants from other countries with experience from artistic practice within these regions. The discussion was focused on what separates the different contexts when it comes to the possibilities for art to exist and to the hardships and opportunities that follows. The perspective, in this case, always comes from the artist.
The symposium was a collaboration between Kalmar konstmuseum and GeoAIR with financial support from the Creative Force programme within the Swedish Institute and generous support of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Kalmar konstmuseum as well as GeoAIR has a well documented experience of being a part of international projects.
Symposium and final presentation of works were produced as a result of five days intensive exchange between participants. 
Marika Asatiani (GE), Yevgenia Belorusets (UA), Tako Chabashvili (GE), Lado Darakhvelidze (GE), Laura Hatfield (CA/SE), Gustav Hellberg (SE), Johanna Karlin (SE), Emmeli Person (SE), Paran Pour (IR/DE), Steffi Schöne (DE), Giorgi Tabatadze (GE), Vladimir Us (MD)