Friday, May 30, 2014

Iza Rogucka is a Polish artist who lives and works in Warsaw and practices drawing and installation. Iza is the graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Faculty of Painting (2007-2012) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (master class of Paweł Althamer and Julian Goethe, 2010-2013). Between October 2008 and February 2009 she worked on the Painting Diploma Project under instruction of Prof. Andrzej Zdanowicz at the University of Granada, Spain. Iza Rogucka’s works have been awarded several awards including the 2nd price in the architectural competition Re-Vita Wielkopolsko (Revitalization of Postindustrial Buildings, 2010). In 2013 she became the finalist of the 11th edition of the Geppert Competition in Wrocław. Rogucka participated in personal and group exhibitions, among them: Spiele der Stadt, Old Powder House (Warsaw, Poland, 2014), Unbehagen in der Natur, Raumacht Gallery (Vienna, Austria, 2012), Sacred and Profane Love, Ludwik Zamenhof Center (Białystok, Poland, 2011), Lost and Found, Franz-Josephs-Bahnhof (Wiedeń, Austria, 2013), Caution! Painting! 11th edition of Geppert Competition (Wrocław, Poland, 2013). 

In Tbilisi she was working in the framework of the project "Discover Eliava" together with Georgian artist DADA (Giorgi) Maghradze.