Monday, January 25, 2016
As Iza Tarasewicz’s practice researches mobility, flexibility and the reorganization of systems, we have invited her to participate in the project dedicated to the Tbilisi Chess PalaceInstallation she has created particularly for this project takes its departure from a knight movement diagram, an isolated motion of knight figure. This chessman is the oldest unaltered structure in the chess movement. The diagrams show the choreography of tactical possibilities of knight. Isolation of the one figure is associated with an internal fight of the individual in general and a player, who while game/fight is isolated from the surrounding. And while the fight is reduced to a regulated form on a 2 dimensional board/field, most images of tactical possibilities (performance) takes place in the imagination of the player. The installation is a try to turn a two dimensional movement of a knight figure into a 3 dimensional object and imagine it in a space. Performativity and choreography clearly comes to the fore here. 
Iza Tarasewicz was born in 1981 and was raised in a small village near Bialystok, Poland. She lives and works in Białystok and Munich. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland in 2008. Tarasewicz was the winner of “Views 2015 — Deutsche Bank Award” at the Zachęta National Gallery in Warsaw. In fall 2016 Tarasewicz will participate in 32nd Biennale in Sao Paulo. Recent solo exhibitions include “Loop de Loop,” Bikini, Lyon; “Sorry for All The Ups and Downs,” Syntax Project, Lisbon; “The Means, the Milieu” and “Fungal Follies,” Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp; “Collaborating Objects Radiating Environments,” Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin; and “Clinamen”, Krolikarnia X. Dunikowski Museum of Sculpture, National Museum, Warsaw. Recent group exhibitions include “The School of Kyiv. Karlsruhe Class. Lecturer: Alexandra Exter,” Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe; “Dust,” CCA Zamek Ujazdowkski, Warsaw; “Procedures for the Head. Polish Art Today,” Kunsthalle Bratislava, Bratislava; and “As You Can See,” Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw.
Iza Tarasewicz’s sculptural works serve as temporary conduits for a meeting of substances, energies, locations, temporalities, and concepts, which the artist identifies as only events in a continuous series of material and symbolic interactions. Her sensitive examination and transformation of materials often manifests in objects, spaces, graphs, drawings, sounds, videos, and actions. Often bordering on hylozoism (the concept that all matter and non-matter has life), each object or arrangement is invested in exploring the affecting nature of its material makeup and challenges the viewer to consider both the vital energetic relationships in all things and the inextricable interrelation of chaos and order. Her practice distills, combines, deconstructs and redirects materials so as to rediscover hidden aspects and relations, while equally signifying a deficiency in rational, human understanding to access such properties. 
For "The Tbilisi Chess Palace" project Iza Tarasewicz has created a work Knight's Tour. It takes its departure from a Knight movement diagram, an isolated motion of knight figure. The installation is a try to turn a two dimensional movement of a knight figure into a 3 dimensional object and imagine it in a space.
Iza Tarasewicz's project is realised in the framework of the project BLUE BOX. „Common places” in contemporary artistic practices, initiated under the Re-Directing: East program conducted by the A-I-R Laboratory at the CCA Ujazdowski Castle.
Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.
Photos by Sera Dzneladze