Saturday, October 2, 2010
The Last Match
Project initiated by David Schilter (exhibition curator) and Martins Zutis (comics artist from Latvia)
The Last Match in Tbilisi was curated by Nini Palavandishvili 
Ioseb Grishashvili Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla)
Project was shown in the framework of Artisterium, 3rd Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Exhibition and Art Events
2 - 10 October, 2010
What happens if there is no budget for an exhibition, but you want to make something substantial anyways?
The Latvian Comics Art Magazine kuš! invited international illustrators and comics artists to create something big out of almost nothing. kuš! even saved on paper and forced the artists to draw their interpretations of "a last match" on a paper snip in the size of barely 0,00166 m2. Like this the little artworks can easily be collected in just a few matchboxes. When exhibited the collected drawings are taken out of the boxes and in place of a nail, each little work hangs elegantly on its own matchstick.
The exhibition was a witty comment on the oh-so-terrible financial crisis and the search for new survival strategies of art exhibitions. It started in autumn 2009 in Riga with 150 artists from all over the world, from China to Finland, from USA to South Africa, from Brazil to Australia - already then it could be regarded as the world’s biggest small art exhibition.
By the autumn of 2010 more than 240 works have been collected for the growing exhibition, which for the first time was shown at an art festival in Riga and further on travelled to different venues in Lisbon, Linz, Haarlem, Erlangen and Leipzig before coming to Tbilisi including works from famous and less well-known comics artists from 43 different countries. 10 more drawings by Georgian artist were added in Tbilisi, those are: Sandro Asatiani, Nino Biniashvili, Rusa Gamkrelidze, Tamara Kalkhitashvili, Ruso Kipiani, Dato Machavariani, Maya Sumbadze, Ana Tabatadze, Anuka Tsertsvadze.

kuš! (speak kush!, Latvian for "pssst") is an internationally known comics magazine from Latvia existing since 2007. Currently it is the only Latvian comics magazine. kuš! comes out in English about 4 times a year, sometimes as a pocket size magazine, another time as a large-scale poster or a set of postcards. kuš! provides Latvian artists with a platform to publish their comics experiments. To foster the culture in Latvia kuš! invites different international artists to contribute to the magazine and also organizes events such as workshops and exhibitions with the goal to popularize comics in Latvia and get the names of Latvian artists promoted and known outside. The magazine is curated by David Schilter, a Swiss immigrant to Latvia.
Comics Fanzine Workshop
In the workshop some International comics fanzines (self printed independent publications) were presented and workshop leaders talked about the idea behind fanzines and the different possibilities to make fanzines. They also presented one of the simplest way how to make a fanzine. After a brainstorming session, some basic ideas how to make a comics were discussed and fanzines were created together and printed on spot. 
Project was realised with the generous support of Honorary Consulate of Latvia.