Thursday, February 12, 2015
MARKET POINT – Cairo -Tbilisi
12-22.02.2015, artellewa art space, Giza, Egypt
In the frame of Tandem Shaml program in collaboration with GeoAIR (Georgia), artellewa implemented a project MARKET POINT_Cairo_Tbilisi.
Artellewa  residency hosted Georgian artist Mako Kapanadze and curator Sophia Lapiashvili who were working on the project together with local artist Jacqueline George and curator Hamdy Reda.
In the first phase of the “Market point” project GeoAIR hosted Egyptian artist and head of artellewa Hamdy Reda and writer and film producer Hossam Elouan, who worked on the project together with local artist Mako Kapanadze, social scientist Mariam Shalvashvili and with assistant of the project Ketevan Kett.
The project implied the exchange of artists between Georgia and Egypt and united them around a common topic: how the development of cities and their transformations influence traditions and culture. Our main focus was on street markets, their transformations through the surrounding developments of the city and their role in society. How are these changes influencing urban segments and life of neighborhoods/streets, in which the markets are located.
The project will question the necessity/need of street markets, which is directly connected with ecology and healthy food, urban issues and city structure, traditions and culture, where all levels of society meet each other (woman and man, kids and adults, ethnic minorities and emigrants), who are building the city and are making it diverse.
The findings and surroundings in Cairo and Tbilisi were the creative inspiration for this process. The presentation of the first part of the project was shown in Tbilisi on September 30, 2014 at Gallery Nectar.
Ahmed Shawky (EG), Alaa Abd El Hamid (EG), Emad Ibrahim (EG), Hamdy Reda (EG), Jacueline George (EG), Mako Kapanadze (GE) and Mohamed Ezz (EG).
Hossam Elouan (EG)-Writer and Film producer, essay
Mariam Shalvashvili (GE)- social scientist, research

Archive material:
National Archives of Georgia
Privet archive of artist Guram Tsibakhashvili (Georgia).
Privet archive of artist Nabil Boutros (Egypt).