Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Reciprocal Visit was a project by Apartment Project in Istanbul. This project was associated with the work of the visual artist and the founder of the artist initiative Selda Asal who is the originator of the project’s concept. The project was organized and curated by Serra Ozhan.

Iade-i Ziyaret / Reciprocal Visit was an experimental workshop project made up of photographs, videos, writings, interactions, and talks by participants from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds such as photography, video, music, performance, painting, sociology. It took its name from the culture of ‘reciprocal visit’ that is alive and well in Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijan, and Georgia as well as in many Arab countries and Turkey. This project was called ‘iade-i ziyaret’ because it consisted of one group visiting Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia and of the reciprocal visits of two artists from each country visiting Turkey for the second part of the project. This oncept that was familiar to both, the artists from these countries and to us. It was a concept that connected.

Part One
1 - 17 April 2009
Participants: Endam Acar, Selda Asal, Volkan Aslan, Deniz Gul, Fatma Ciftci, Zeren Goktan, Gozde Ilkin, Ceren Oykut, Gokce Suvari and Sophia Tabatadze.

The artistic material was created while participants were on the road, at places where they stopped, visited, or staid.
The route of the workshop, part one took off in Turkey and went through Georgia, Armenia, Georgia again, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. The aim was to let each participant describe his or her experiences in his or her own language. This was to reveal different kinds of language that could be generated within the shared work time in a mobile space serving as a workshop area during a 15-20 hour work schedule. Performing these activities the individuals in the group emphasized different aspects of different things they saw or the same thing they all observed. After each 3 days of intense work in each main town there was an open discussion evening accompanied by a screening. This provideded space for artists’ meetings to discuss further collaborations.

Presentaion of the first part took place on April 04, 2009 at State Silk Museum
Part Two
17-31 July, 2009 Tütün Deposu - DEPO (former tobacco warehouse), Istanbul.
Participants: Sophia Tabatadze and Nadia Tsulukidze from Georgia, Sona Abgaryan and Tsomak Oga from Armenia, Ali Hasanov from Azerbaijan and Shahab Fotouhi from Iran.

The second part was the final joint work created on the basis of reciprocal artists’ visits to Istanbul. These artists were the ones who have been visited and worked together in their own countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Armenia) in April 2009.

The completed project was presented in DEPO during 14 November – 19 December 2009.
Accompaning to the final exhibition on 21 November, 2009 a panel discussion - Impacts on the growing networking in the region was held.
Participants: Eva Khachatryan, Serra Özhan, Nini Palavandishvili
This projects was  realized under the multi-annual (2008 to 2011) X-OP project and was supported by European Commission – Program Culture.