Friday, June 7, 2013

For a day, the project “Garden on the Wheels” hosted a collaborative project called “Herbening” organized by anthropology student Ana Ramazashvili and GeoAIR. This time, the plants of the garden were herbs. It was possible to buy pots with planted herbs, such as: coriander, parsley, dill, basil – the seeds of these herbs were available for the purchase as well. These herbs were provided in alternative pots, made from recycled plastic bottles, tetra packs and containers.

We also provided the workshop on site concerning guerilla gardening and demonstrated how to make pots and gardening accessories from the recycled material. Moreover, informational brochures were created about each herb, telling their places of origin, interesting facts, medical and other positive abilities.   

"Garden on the wheels. Herbening” was organized in frame of SPACES project. This project was funded by the European Union through the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.

Project was financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) / The Swiss Development Cooperation for the South Caucasus. The project has been awarded The Culture and Management Lab (CML) Grant.