Friday, May 17, 2013
GeoAIR and group DontheC started collaboration with the goal of rethinking and analyzing existing problematical issues in the city, such as public space and ecology. Since in the city of Tbilisi exists the “Bethonisation” tendency, the group created mobile garden on the wheels, which transformed public spaces with its mobility, created green areas and offered an interactive environment. The garden was a public space itself and appeared in such places, where active, routine movement was fully present. It created a pause where every passenger was able to go, relax, use the resoures of the garden – library, listen to music, get in touch with contemporary art...
The garden with its existence tried to remind the public about urgent problematical issues:
  • Pubilc spaces- utilization, perception, senses, responsibility and right to it
  • Ecology – inevitability of green areas and recreational zones and taking care of them
Garden on wheels used to create alternative public spaces in the city, full with contemporary art and pleasant, green environment.
Through this collaboration the project Garden on the wheels, visiting Eliava” was created.
Garden on the wheels, two mobile boxes, were traveling in the city and looking for places to become the garden, create a green area and platform for contemporary art.

13.00 sunflower seeds in the ship (Group DontheC)

13.00 collecting stories from Eliava Market.
14.00 presentation of the student works (Aude Benhaïm and Nora Frohmann - Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, HGB, Dachi Chegia - Tbilisi state academy of art, Steffi Schoene -Tbilisi state academy of art photography lecturer and her students Sopo Miminoshvili,Sandro Sulaberidze, Mariam Aslanishvili ). Using recycling material found in the market.
15.00-17.00  Open drawing lesson by Luisa Lapieradze
16.00 Rezinobana
19.30 lecture about ecology – Kakha Bakhtadze (CENN), young Georgian greens
20.00 Recipes for Disaster - Doc.Film by John Webster. Finnland 2008. 85 min. (From the Video library of Czech, non commercial organization “people in need”)
13.00 sunflower seeds in the ship (Group DontheC)
13.00 presentation of student works. (Aude Benhaïm and Nora Frohmann, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, HGB and Tbilisi state academy of art  faculty of architecture Dachi Chegia, Steffi Schoene ,Tbilisi state academy of art, lecturer of photography)
13.00 collecting stories from Eliava Market.
15.00-17.00  Open drawing lesson by Luisa Lapieradze
19.00 sum up of collecting “Eliava stories”
20.00 screnning of Video works of Gio sumbadze.
20.30 Kuji Davituliani and Mikho Mirzashvili, electro acoustic music
“Garden on the wheels, visiting Eliava” was organized in frame of SPACES project. This project was funded by the European Union through the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.
Project was financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) / The Swiss Development Cooperation for the South Caucasus. The project has been awarded The Culture and Management Lab (CML) Grant.