Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In a collaborative project between GeoAIR and the Goethe-Institut Georgia - “Very Temporary Contemporary”, young artists, who have had graduated or were at the end of their studies and were not established yet on the art market, were given an opportunity to realize a project in the space of Goethe Institute, which thereby served as a project space and experimental platform for young generation artists. The Goethe-Institut, which actively participates in promotion of German culture internationally, is also very engaged in supporting local culture and especially contemporary art. Within this project artists had absolute freedom in choosing the topic of their work, media, the only condition is not to obstruct the daily life and work of the institute and its employees. 

As for GeoAIR, whose projects are mainly realized in not directly art-associated locations, it was again interesting to transform a non-artistic space into a contemporary art environment and to consider it as an experimental platform.
The Goethe-Institut is a private space, owned by the German state, but at the same time open for public to attend language courses, exhibitions, use the library or the café. In this regard the topic of boundaries between public and private space was interesting for us, the creative space between management and educational courses floors, which have less contact with each other, but at the same time are linked through corridors, the courtyard, the library. For the project duration contemporary art and artists functioned additionally as connection and mediator between separate parts. Artists worked and developed site-specific works. During this process, the Institute's staff, students, guests became actors of the project; they witnessed the process of creation as well as a result. Shows were to be held 4 times per year, followed by conversations between the artist and curator, in which the public was to be able to gain more information about the artist, his/her works and in particular the work in the Goethe-Institut. This way, we wish to introduce contemporary art to the general audience, and especially to those, who are not affiliated to encounter art beyond art institutions.
The title of the project Very Temporary Contemporary relates to the project of a Dutch artist Rosell Heijmen 'The Very Temporary Contemporary Museum' realized together with Lado Darakhvelidze and Giorgi Tabatadze in 2007 in the Goethe-Institut. Already 5 years ago Rosell Heijmen emphasized the importance of contemporary and the problem of absence of project and exhibition spaces in Georgia.
Still, despite many positive changes in the art field, Georgian contemporary artists and especially young generation artists lack experimental platform for creation, discussion of relevant issue and presentation of their work. We want to encourage the creative development of young artists and support the foundation of experimental platform for them.


Natalia Nebieridze - UNDOCUT

Curated by Nini Palavandishvili (GeoAIR)


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Natalia Nebieridze, born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1987. After 2 years of study at I. Nikoladze Art College, from 2005 to 2009, N. Nebieridze studied at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Fine Arts faculty. Since 2011 she has been a student of Architecture faculty. The main genres of her works are installation and performance.
In 2007 Natalia paticipated in “Grand Openings” project and in students exhibition “Untitled”. In 2007-2008 five students together with invited teachers formed “Visual Art laboratory” during which existence several exhibitions took place. Natalia Nebieridze has been actively participating in local as well as international exhibitions and projects: young artists international exhibition „ ЛИЧИНКИ БУДУЩЕГО“, Moscow Biennial (2009),“Between”, Tbilisi, Georgia ( 2010), “Memory”, CCA-Tbilisi, Georgia (2011), “Act and Deed”, Gudiashvili square, Tbilisi, Georgia; Undergo. The Parallels, Tbilisi, Georgia (2012)

Courier, Rustavi 2 / 21.06.2012 / 22:04h.


Nutsa Khanadashvili - Artificial sleep

Curated by Nini Palavandishvili (GeoAIR)

Sleep is a phsycological condition of man, but there are healthy and unhealthy forms of sleep, the latter of which is often expressed in pathological conditions. Unhealthy sleepers sleep an artificial sleep under an artificial blanket and dream unhealthy dreams. Their state is pathological and is reflected in their attitude towards their environment, surrounding, and generally the universe. In a kind of lethargy mind and body are indifferent, apathetic, without any reaction to occurrences around them. Such sleepers have lost their individuality; they are turned into faceless units, which no longer have personal characteristics that distinguish people from each other. They sleep under one big blanket, where the color white, as generally perceived, is not a symbol of purity, but reference towards emptiness and apathy. Their dream is common and abnormal, as well as their sleep. These people have lost contact not only with each other and with the public, but with the world as well. According to many theories sleep and dreaming are connected with the universe. But in their case this connection is lost.

Nutsa Khanadashvili, born 1989 in Tbilisi. Since 2010 second year master's degree student at the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, fine arts faculty, painting department, class of Gia Bugadze.

Goethe-Institut Georgien, GeoAIR and Nutsa Khanadashvili in Studio at "Shua Dge" Rustavi2 / 26.03.2012 / 14:37 h.

Good morning Georgia, Rustavi2 / 29.03.2012 / 07:43