Nothing To Declare, text for Journey to the East catalogue, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, August 2012

Meanwhile. In times of De- and Re-Construction - contribution for the catalogue the transrelation, international symposium of contemporary arts, Tbilisi, October, 2010.

The Invention of "Contemporary Art in Georgia" contribution for Atlantis. Hidden Histories – New Identities. European Art 20 Years After the Iron Curtain; Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Brandenburg and argobooks, Berlin 2010

Going Underground To Activate Public Space

Interview with Nini Palavandishvili, Philadelphia 2012

Nini Palavandishvili in conversation with Khatuna Khabuliani

As part of a research for a contribution for XLVI AICA International Congress Košice-Bratislava 2013

GeoAIR presents: 
Georgians abroad - Interview with Giorgi Tabatadze
Art residency - Interview with Marike Splint

Lost Heroes. Soviet Period Mosaics

GeoAIR presents: 

Georgians abroad - Interview with Tolia Astakhishvili

Art residency - Interview with Levente Polyak (KÉK - Hungarian Contemporary Architecture) and with Šárka Svobodová and Jaroslav Sedlak (4AM Forum for Architecture and Media)

GeoAIR presents:

Georgians abroad - Interview with Lado Darakhvelidze

Art residency - Interview with Minna Henriksson and Sezgin Boynik

Black Holes. When the history is not written. Text by Nini Palavandishvili for XLVI. AICA International Congress Košice. Bratislava 2013

YARAT Talks to… Nini Palavandishvili. Interview as part of YARAT's series 'CIS Arts Circuit'. May 2015