Babi Badalov is an artist and poet living in Paris. As a visual artist, he expresses his ideas through art objects, paintings, installations and live performances. He also experiments with words and writes obscure poetry, mixing languages and images of different cultures.


Anna Danilewicz is a head of the Department of Education and Organization of Exhibitions in the Army Museum in Bialystok. Previously she worked in the Drama Theatre and for the biggest newspaper in Podlasie...


Jörg Herold, as a documentary archaeologist (as he refers to himself) researches memories. As a contemporary, purposely he searches for utilizing memories in various mediums: painting, installation, sculpture, film. After travelling to the real and unreal worlds of memories, his installations, films, paintings are created.


Susanna Gyulamiryan is an art critic and curator, who has been working in Armenia and internationally. Petra Hultman is a Sweden-based artist. She is exploring different forms of participation and creative procedures, as well as structures for collective and collaborative practices.


Eltono started his street art career with the usual tools of the trade – spray paint cans. He is known for his constructive criterion and his sensitivity to medium and location. He always improvises his forms and colors in situ to integrate within the existing balance. 



CHINGIZ was born in Baku. Since 1986 he worked as a conceptual artist with sculptures, paintings, graphics, photo, video, installations, performance, design, writing & poems, philosophy and etc. His characteristic work includes projects that research urban, social, political and historical issues.


1/2 was invited by GeoAIR for one-month residency stay in Tbilisi. During their stay, the group created “1/2 #9 — Georgia Now!”, a Georgian edition of 1/2 zine. They met people, exchanged ideas about their respective working approaches and techniques. This subjective and collective travel diary was created, produced and launched in Tbilisi.


Sona Abgaryan was born in 1979, in the city of Berd, Armenia. Her work was first exhibited in 1998, during the Artists Congress at the Painter’s Resort House in Dilijan. It was an installation, or perhaps a performance. She had hang envelopes from the trees with the same message inside, “Save yourself.” 


Astrid Bussink studied fine art at the Academy of fine Arts, AKI, Enschede and her Master in film at the Edinburgh College of Art. Astrid stayed in Batumi residensy program in the framework of the cultural exchange project "Now Wakes The Sea". 

Oliver Ressler, born 1970, lives and works as an artist and filmmaker in Vienna, Austria, and produces exhibitions, projects in the public space, and films on issues such as economics, democracy, global warming, forms of resistance and social alternatives. 

Diana McCarty - Agent of Cultural Provocation is an editor and co-founder of the award winning artist run radio reboot.fm. Her work revolves around art, politics and new/old media. Currently, she works with radio, gender and revolutionary women and film practices. 


Mareike Wenzel is an actress and performance artist from Berlin/Germany. she has been working as an actress for the performance company SIGNA. She has also been collaborating with the women's rights organisation TERRE DES FEMMES for which she devised a performance against trafficking of women which toured throughout Germany.


AJZ was founded in October 2009 as a non-commercial artist-run space by Nvard Yerkanyan and Harutyun Alpetyan. Events taking place in AJZ are various in formats – from exhibitions, presentations, artist talks, and screenings to educational programs like workshops and lectures. 


Artist Nina Kurtela works with the cross media field of research and creation between disciplines such as visual and performing arts. Curator Rickard Borgström is currently interested in how to produce intimacy within the performance situation.


Ulrica Söderlind has a background within the culinary sphere and has worked in the industry both in the Swedish merchant navy and on land and considers cooking as an art form in it self that is deeply rooted within a person and a society’s identity.