The mode of Veronika Barnaš's artistic work largely involves research, crosses genres and is space-specific. The works range from staging and stage sets to installations all the way to mappings of complex (especially spatial, historical and biographical) conjunctions, whereby space in all its most diverse meanings and dimensions represents the overall context.


Albert Allgaier artist from  Bregenz (Austria) now is the PhD candidate in Japanese studies. During his GeoAIR residency program in tbilisi he aimed to continue his ongoing project, " i ♥ thomas hirschhorn", share his fascination for a really obscure japanese movie, re-learn gymnopedie no2 on the guitar for the millionth time, and go for long walks everyday.


Evelina Gambino is an independent researcher and activist, member of a number of collectives, in London and Italy. As a researcher at GeoAIR residency, Evelina was exploring the different forms of struggle that emerged in Tbilisi in the last decade and reflect on the ways the visual arts have played a key role in giving an international resonance to the pillaging of Tbilisi’s public infrastructure.


Marius Land and Moritz Freudenberg boths are photographers and graphic designers from Berlin. During their recidency at GeoAIR, they collaborated with local photographers, conducted a workshop and made the project DIDI. 


Andrea Kalinová (visual artist) and Martin Zaiček (architect) collaborate from 2011 as initiative Abandoned (re)creation. Their work deals with the issue of derelict, abandoned or endangered architecture of the 20th century and its possible preservation by means of artistic interventions and alternative forms of protesting.


Natalya Pershina Yakimanslaya (Gluklya) is a co-founder of an artist collective The Factory of Found Clothes (FFC). Since 2003 Gluklya is an active member of Chto Delat? group...