Marike Splint is a Dutch director based in Los Angeles, specializing in site-responsive and immersive theater. She currently is a faculty member in the Department of Theater at UCLA. 


Paula Ďurinová is a Slovak documentary filmmaker, photographer and journalist. The main body of her work is about people, places that surround her and storytelling.


Lena Prents' research focuses on the interrelationship of artistic and exhibition practices with socio-political discourses, as well as on histories of art in Eastern Europe after World War II, and socialist modernist architecture.


Yip Kai Chun's interest in the intersections of (local) culture, history, identity and the notion of home emerges from his personal experiences. With his art, he aims to unravel the taken-for-granted and neglected, re-create lost connections, and re-imagine alternatives. 

David Bergé practices photography in a non-recording and almost immaterial way. His work is concerned with the physicality of urban space, built environment and changing territories.

As Iza Tarasewicz’s practice researches mobility, flexibility and the reorganization of systems, we have invited her to participate in the project dedicated to the Tbilisi Chess Palace.