Richard Baxstrom is a lecturer in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. He is the author of Houses in Motion: The Experience of Place and the Problem of Belief in Urban Malaysia (Stanford University Press 2008). 


Marike Splint is a theatre director and educator, based in Amsterdam, working nationally and internationally. Her experience ranges from re-imagining classic plays to collaborating on original scripts and creating devised performances.


Carly Schmitt (USA) is a public artist and artistic entrepreneur. she is best known for her work that blurs the conventional boundary between art and life through a variety of artistic approaches.


Hamdy Reda is a contemporary Egyptian visual artist and a curator. He hopes to expand his artistic dialogues to include more collaboration with visual artists, but also writers, poets, filmmakers, and philosophers. Hossam Elouan is recognized as a film educator. 


Alte Schweden is an emerging artist group formed in 2012 consisting of Joakim Hansson and Sebastian Mügge.  Their main focus usually lies on discovering how societies (re)gain identity and distinct visions of the future. 


Kristina Semenova and Olga Vostretsova are curators based in Leipzig, Germany. Both are the participants of postgraduate MA Curatorial Studies at Academy of Visual Arts.


Partizaning (v): public art practices, which strategically challenge, shape, and reinvent urban and social realities. 


Donika Cina is a young Albanian artist. Donika usually works with video art, video installation and short movies. She graduated from the Faculty of Multimedia Art at the Academy of Arts in Tirana.


Iza Rogucka is a Polish artist who lives and works in Warsaw and practices drawing and installation. In Tbilisi she was working in the framework of the project "Discover Eliava" together with Georgian artist DADA (Giorgi) Maghradze.  


Geraldine Paoli - intermedia artist, curator, interdisplinary teacher. She is interested in valorization and questioning of social, economic, cultural values in common identity and heritage.

Levente Polyák representing KÉK - Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre; Šárka Svobodová and Jaroslav Sedlak - 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media 

Oleksandr Burlaka is an architect and an artist, who is also working in the field of design and photography. Oleksandr Burlaka’s practice as an architect questions and studies the role, ideology and responsibility of architects today.


Sezgin Boynik and Minna Henriksson are artists from Helsinki. During their stay at GeoAIR recidency they implemented research, workshop and issued publications.