Clifton Meador, Melissa Potter and Miriam Schaer conducted a workshop for students working on books. They lead participants through a variety of alternative book structures and discussed the ways that various structures offer expressive potential, narrative opportunities and ground for artistic exploration.


Eliane Esther Bots makes short films/videos, which balance between film, documentary and visual art. Visually she stays close to reality and at the same time she takes the freedom, during filming and editing, to change and adjust the situation, setting and storyline.

Paran Pour is born in Iran and is currently living and working in Vienna. She graduated in Communication Design and is studying Fine Arts, now. In her video works and installations she deals with architecture as a living environment, which reveals power structures and cultural patterns.

Pia Lanzinger works as an artist in Berlin. Her works deal with less observed structures of contemporary living spaces. Michael Hauffen lives in Berlin. He studied sociology and painting and started a series of interactions between theoretical discussions and aesthetic practices, which is not finished yet.


Evy Schubert is a director and a photographer. Her work can be understood as a symbiosis of these fields in order to discover a sociological, political and/ or cultural phenomenon leading to an artistic result varying from video performance to still photography.  


Vardan Azatyan is an art historian and translator specialized in the history of contemporary art and art historiography. He is an associate professor in art history at Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, Armenia.


Ali Hasanov, born in 1976 in Baku, is an Azerbaijani artist, musician and filmmaker, participant of a number of art projects in Azerbaijan and abroad. He is the pioneer performance artist in Azerbaijan and he is recognized for his contribution to the development of performance art in Azerbaijan.


Hans Rosenström (born 1978 in Lohja, Finland) works with site-specific projects using both time and space as points of origin in his artistic practice. 


Magdalena Kuchtova is a multimedia artist from Slovakia. Most recently public space has become her creative material, which interests her in its actual form with accumulated layers of genius loci, history, culture, social presence, etc.


Lydia Matthews is a Brooklyn-based critical writer, contemporary art curator and cultural activist. Her work focuses on the intersection of contemporary art/craft/design practices, diverse local cultures and global economies.


Michal Moravčík is an installation artist based in Bratislava. Within his artistic work he employs and recycles so-called socialistic aesthetics, in search for its new role in a changed social context. 


Agata Skowronek is a photographer specialized on the Middle East. She is interested in the question of authorship, as well as the borders of documentary and art photography.