Kalmar konstmuseum and GeoAIR collaborated on Interim Days: Tbilisi, a symposium and an exhibition implemented at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.


DRIFTING IDENTITIES focused on researching, documenting and archiving the identity phenomena located in the past and the present of post-socialist societies and it was dedicated to the contextualization of identity tendencies two decades after the dissolution of Eastern bloc. 


Trans Cultura Foundation (Poland) together with Workshops of Culture (Poland) and partners: GeoAIR (Georgia), Suburb Cultural Centre (Armenia), United Artits’ Club (Azerbaijan) organized study visits and a workshop session dedicated to the building of the new model of culture networking in Eastern Partnership and non – EU countries.


In the collaborative project of GeoAIR and Goethe-Institut Georgia - “Very Temporary Contemporary,”young artists, were given an opportunity to realize a project in the space of Goethe Institute, which thereby served as a project space and experimental platform for young generation artists. 


On May 24, the opening of our programme undergo. the parallels was celebrated. 41 artists from 12 countries shared their artistic expressions with all the visitors in selected underground passages in Tbilisi.


East Mission _ Georgian female artists films/videos about dream, trauma and future. The program presented films and videos of young Georgian female artists, who capture changes of their own life caused by political system change in 1989 in not ordinary and unusual images.