Women’s Fund in Georgia and GeoAIR, in collaboration with Georgian artists implemented the project "Unlimited Abilities." The aim of the project was to organize a charity exhibition-sale. 


The festival Art Active is the first of its type in Georgia. It represents part of the EU funded project  “Culture Factory.” The urban art takes inspiration from many countries of Europe and addresses directly and immediately the general public of any segment of audience, especially youth. 


The subject matter for art projects can be defined as surpassing all kinds of borders, including geographical, cultural, mental, social, and administrative ones.The open formula of the festival fostered cooperation and interactions among invited and local artists/institutions as well as local communities.


Satellietgroep and GeoAIR organised a three evening screening program with international films connected to the sea and coast. "Now wakes the sea" film program, 8-10th September, Batumi (GE). The program showed especially the North-Sea and Black Sea through Dutch and Georgian animations, documentaries and art films.


For a day, the project “Garden on the Wheels” hosted a collaborative project called “Herbening” organized by anthropology student Ana Ramazashvili and GeoAIR. This time, the plants of the garden were herbs.

Garden on wheels used to create alternative public spaces in the city, full with contemporary art and pleasant, green environment. Through this collaboration the project “Garden on the wheels, visiting Eliava” was created.

The eco-cultural event concerned cleaning the territory around the house in Betlemi Rise 16A, which included collecting discarded material of everyday use and utilizing them for making recycled items.


The living environment represented in outdoor space during the festival served as a place for eating where the audience was invited to try the food prepared by the participants, as well as exchange stories of migration, history of their home country, recipes and extend it from there.


Ensuring the Public Space for Citizens was part of SPACES project. It aimed to add value to the SPACES project, which through cultural action approached issues of urban planning and policies related to public space distribution.