Just for one day, at the Trade Union Palace of Culture of Georgia, different working material was shown, including private archives of authors, documents, sketches, catalogues and photos.


The project addressed the interconnected theme of public space, migration and foodways in Tbilisi.


Within "Visual Storytelling: Tbilisi Migrant Stories" schoolchildren participated in workshops, learning basics of doing ethnographic fieldwork and techniques of doing visual documentaries, with the end purpose to use art of photography and power of the image for storytelling. 


Skype-dinner was a collaboration between GeoAIR, AlteSchweden and Kalmar Art Museum in Sweden at Sofia Melnikova’s Fantastic Dukhan in Tbilisi...


In the frame of Tandem Shaml program, with Egyptian artist and head of artellewa Hamdy Reda and writer and Film producer Hossam Elouan, project “Market point” was implemented.




What happens with our culinary habits when we migrate to another country? What is “national food”? When we live abroad, do we miss the taste of the food from home, or just making the food we are used to?


Sculptures on Eliava Market of Iza Rogucka and Giorgi Magradze present combination of two worlds: classical sculpture and disposal of organic waste. 


In the frame of the project “Discover Eliava” Donika Cina and Katharina Stadler, two conceptual artists, worked on the notion of recycling and self-engagement at Eliava Market, a place that is mostly perceived as a dirty, unorganized and sub-standard location of Tbilisi.


A project initiated by Geraldine Paoli. As the cultural designer, curator and director she strived to deterritorialize to cross disciplines and create shapes suitable for dating, sharing, and movement of creation called “meshes confluences.”


By mapping empty properties, researching planning instruments, architectural tools and by site-interventions the workshop aimed to point the possibility of temporary use of empty properties and their conversion for another use.


The goal of SUPERMARKET, the international artist-run art fair, is to provide a showcase for artists' initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for new networks in the Swedish as well as the international art scene.