The cross-border project on public space on the periphery brings together three artists respectively from two European margins in both Georgia and Iceland as to discuss and act within the differently defined public spaces on site. The first project phase took place in Tbilisi from My 25 to June 5, 2015.


Project “Women from the Mines” is the collaboration of Mariam Kapanadze and GeoAIR. It researches and presents the stories of those women, who work at mines of Chiatura. 


Contemporary Art Space Batumi hosted the exhibition and the publication presentation of "Lost Heroes. Soviet Period Mosaics", curated by GeoAIR. The exhibition showcased different working materials, including private archives of authors, documents, sketches, catalogues and photos.


Tbilisi InSights aims to outline a non-linear, personal perspective on the transformations of daily life in Modern Georgia. Architecture, when not explored as a merely functional assemblage of speechless elements which compose inhabited spaces, incorporates life, therefore Tbilisi InSights considers, as the very foundation of architecture, people.


The project implied the exchange of artists between Georgia and Egypt and united them around a common topic: how the development of cities and their transformations influence traditions and culture.


GeoAIR and Culture and Management Lab in cooperation with the Georgian National Museum orginized an international conference in the framework of the project “Discover Eliava.”